Product Description

Launched in November 2019, Sofanovel is an international online fictional stories hub which aims to build bridges between writers and readers. It can be accessed in 147 countries and regions worldwide. In order to better meet the reading needs of their users, sofanovel has provided a significant amount of stories of 23 different genres. The user duration of the platform has reached 119 minutes per day. Sofanovel is on the way to becoming one of the best writing and reading platforms all around the world.

Product Data

  • 147

    Countries & Regions

  • 23

    Genres of Story

  • 119 min/day

    User Duration

Product Description

Newly launch in April 2020, Teachee is an innovative and highly secured online livestreaming education platform where teachers can teach anywhere using their personal computers or desktops and students can have an immersive live learning experience anytime with their smartphones.